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  • BONE-IN PORK LOIN CHOPS $6.85/LB (approx $4.70 ea)

    $4.70 ea

    Price shown reflects average pork chop size of 10-12 oz ea at $6.85/lb. A lean, versatile meat that is best grilled, pan seared or broiled. Bone-in chops are juicy and flavourful. If you would like a specific size, please indicate in the special instructions. 16oz in 1lb


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    $5.50 ea
    Stock up and Save! 2 or more $4.75 each

    Boneless pork loin chops pocketed then stuffed with one of our three popular mixtures: Apple Almond, Feta Sundried Tomato or Wild Rice & Bacon.

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    $6.95 ea
    Stock up and Save! 2 or more $6.50 each

    Discover the tastiest pork chop ever! Thick cut, boneless pork rib chops marinated in our own blend of BBQ sauce & seasonings. Cooks & BBQ’s like a steak!

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    $4.75 ea
    Stock up and Save! 4 or more $4.15 each

    A thick cut 6oz boneless pork chop, perfect for the grill! Hand cut fresh in-store.

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    $9.00 per lb

    Tired of dried out pork chops? Try our smoked pork chops for a change. Sold in packs of 2.

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