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    $17.00 per lb

    PRIVATE RESERVE AAA Alberta Beef aged a minimum of 28 days. Available as a standing rib roast (bones attached) or T-Bone’s style (bones removed, tied back on). Seasoned or unseasoned.

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  • FILET (BEEF TENDERLOIN) $30.95/lb (approx $14.50 ea)

    $14.50 ea

    Price shown reflects average steak size of 7-8 oz ea at $30.95/lb. PRIVATE RESERVE Alberta Beef aged a minimum of 28 days. The most tender cut, lean yet succulent and elegant. Melt-in-your-mouth texture and subtle flavor. If you would like a specific size, please indicate in the special instructions. 16oz in 1lb

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  • FRESH JD FARMS TURKEYS $4.75/lb (Holiday pre-order item)

    $54.00$80.00 ea

    JD Farms fresh specialty turkeys are free run*, antibiotic free, never given growth hormones, fed a Non-GMO all vegetable & grain diet and never fed animal by-products. *All poultry raised for meat in Canada is considered free run.

    Available as a pre-order item only for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.  

    Prices are approximate, based on $4.75/lb and will vary depending on the actual weight. Actual size will be within 1-2lbs of your selection. Choose from Small (11-12lbs), Medium (13-15lbs) or Large (16-18lbs) and allow approximately 1-1.5 lbs per person. A $20 deposit per turkey is required (payable in-store) and will be subtracted from the total owing.

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  • TURKEY BREAST ROASTS (Holiday pre-order item)

    $10.00 per lb

    Our turkey breast roasts make your holiday dinner quick and easy. Custom made in-store. Choose from 4 stuffings (Traditional, Cranberry Walnut, Apple Almond or Feta Sundried Tomato) or Unstuffed. Sizes range from 2lbs to 8lbs (allow a minimum of 3lbs for stuffed roasts). Allow approximately 1/2lb per person. Pre-order today and choose your pick up date below (Thu Oct 8th to Sun Oct 11th). Quantities are limited.

    Available as a pre-order item only for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. 


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  • BONE-IN HAM $5.95/lb (Holiday pre-order item)

    $5.95 per lb

    Our bone-in hams are hardwood smoked for a sweet, juicy flavour. Available as a pre-order item only. Pre-order today for the holidays and choose your pick up date below (Thu Oct 8th to Sun Oct 11th).

    Choose from as small as 4-5lbs up to a whole ham (approximately 16lbs).

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    $78.75 ea

    Wild Alaskan King Crab Legs, sold frozen in a 2lb package, on sale for $78.75 (regular price $88.75).

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    $14.00$42.50 ea

    Choice lobster tails from the warm waters of the Caribbean are sweet & succulent. Sizes subject to availability. Sold frozen.

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    $8.75 ea

    The Funky Gourmet, a BC company, uses 100 percent natural ingredients in their products. This extraordinary cranberry sauce is sure to please your dinner guests!

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    $2.80 ea

    Enjoy the flavour of turkey gravy without even cooking a bird. Cooks in 9 minutes – gravy made easy! 30g

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    $10.50 ea

    Wild caught salmon, smoked and sliced. Sold frozen.

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    $6.70 per lb

    Tender and lean are to be expected when you serve this family style pork roast.

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    $22.00 ea

    Never overcook your dinner again! Digital meat thermometers are a must have for every kitchen.

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Classic Bundle


  • 2 pcs Free Range New York Steaks 7-8 oz
  • 2 pcs Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin 5 oz
  • 2 pcs Chicken Extreme 8 oz
  • 4 pcs Chicken Cordon Bleu 4oz
  • 2 pcs Stuffed Pork Chops 8 oz
  • 2 pcs Stuffed Chicken Florentine 7 oz
  • 2 pcs Stuffed Salmon Neptune 7 oz
  • 2 pcs Honey BBQ Pork Back Ribs
  • 2 pcs Herb Crusted Pork Pinwheels 7oz
  • 2 lbs Extra Lean Ground Beef
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